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In photographer Clayton Cubitt's new project, Hysterical Literature, he films women sitting at a table while reading their favorite book. You might be wondering, …
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Great Masturbation Techniques For Women
by: Jill Stuart
published: 2012-03-12
ASIN: B007JQ5H74
sales rank: 117820

While the act of masturbation is usually connected to men, many do not realize that women have also been masturbating for centuries, either unconsciously or consciously. The primal need to satisfy oneself sexually is therefore something that may seem enigmatic in nature but is actually done by many women worldwide.

I love masturbating, and I do it almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. In this book I talk you through my masturbation techniques, both with hands and toys.

- Is Masturbation Harmful or Shameful?
- Why Masturbate?
- Before You Masturbate
- Masturbating Solo With Your Hands
- Masturbating Solo In The Shower
- Masturbating Solo With Toys
- Masturbating With A Partner
- Other Notes About Masturbation
- Recommended Sex Toys
Woman´s Has Non-Stop 50 Orgasms in a Row Sexual Arousal Disorder Reaction
A woman who suffered from a debilitating condition where she had constant, uncontrollable orgasms has committed suicide after years of battling her afflictio…

Women Orgasm Myths Document (part 2)

What Orgasms Feel Like

Most women described two parts of the orgasm: the physical and the psychological sensations. Physically, many women feel pleasant contractions throughout their pelvic region. These contractions are caused by the blood returning to the body and the blood vessels narrowing again. One woman described these contractions as “ripples of pleasure.”

While the physical sensation seems to be wonderful, many of the women I’ve worked with paid more attention to the psychological sensation. Immediately after the orgasm, women report feeling completely relaxed and stress free as if all of the tension in their body has suddenly been released. They also talk about overwhelming feelings of peacefulness. In fact, many women claim that orgasms help them to get a more restful night of sleep, particularly when stress has been interfering with their sleep patterns.

The physical sensations of the orgasm usually last between 10 to 30 seconds. The psychological sensations can last as long as an hour or more, depending on the environment.

What You Need to Remember
When it comes to female orgasms, there are technically two types: vaginal and clitoral. The truth is that almost all female orgasms, even those supposedly resulting solely from vaginal stimulation, originate with the clitoris.

So what does that mean for lovers? First, it means that if you have not yet discovered the clitoris in yourself or in your partner, then that should be your first task. The second task is to start discussing what kind of clitoral stimulation works best. If you don’t know now, then by all means begin experimenting.

Before we move on, I should mention that more recent research is indicating that at least in some women both vaginal and clitoral stimulation is needed to provide a so-called “complete” orgasm. Keep that in mind as you read the rest of the book.

Why Is It Harder for Women to Reach Orgasm

For men, reaching an orgasm is fairly simple whether they are with a partner or masturbating. While most men do have preferences about the types of positions and stimulation they enjoy, it seems that almost anything can push them over the edge if they are already in a state of arousal. With women, it’s a bit different. In this article, we’re going to look at four reasons why it can be harder for women to orgasm than men.

#1 Physical Reasons

The most obvious reason why women have a more difficult time reaching orgasms is physical. Their sexual anatomy is built differently than men’s and this has consequences when it comes to sexual pleasure. For men, orgasm is relatively easy because the source of their sexual pleasure is the penis. The penis is not only completely visible but it can easily be stimulated. Additionally, a man’s arousal level is easier to recognize: an erect penis usually means he is ready for sexual intercourse and capable of reaching orgasm.

For women, it’s not so straight forward.

As we’ve already discussed, the main pleasure center for women is the clitoris which is approximately the same size as the penis but which is mostly concealed. The part of the clitoris which is accessible can not be easily stimulated by the penis through normal penetration. Even during masturbation, women must often try multiple methods and positions before finding the right combination to lead to an orgasm. Furthermore, signs of a woman’s arousal may not be as easy to spot unless her partner is looking for them specifically.

The consequences of these physical differences are that women have a more difficult road to travel when it comes to orgasms. It doesn’t mean they are any less capable of reaching an orgasm; it just means that it typically takes a little more effort and education.

#2 Emotional Reasons
One thing I’ve heard women tell me about men is that they believe men can “get off” with anyone and at any time. This is generally in the form of a complaint because the women feel they are not able to reach orgasm that readily.

While it isn’t true that men can reach orgasm at the drop of a hat, men usually do not have as much difficulty with orgasms as women do. A man can meet a strange woman in a bar, take her to his car, have sex in the backseat without even learning her name, and can have an orgasm. Unless he is an exceptional lover, the woman he is with is not as likely to get the same payoff from the encounter. The question is why is there such a difference. The answer is fairly simple. Women are more likely to feel uncomfortable with their bodies and have a more difficult time discussing sexual issues, as a result they won’t be able to achieve an orgasm with just anyone.

By: alex01

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Gabreille Moore is author of the best-selling book The www.femaleorgasmrevealed.com/femaleorgasm/”>Female EjaculationRevealed, a manual that helps men please their female partners with an orgasm everytime. For more information, go to: www.femaleorgasm.com/femaleorgasm/

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Wikipedia Orgasm – Wikipedia, The free Encyclopedia
In women, orgasm can be achieved during vaginal sexual intercourse, oral sex (cunnilingus) or masturbation/non or with orgasm triggered by masturbation during penile-vaginal sex, solitary or partner clitoral or vaginal masturbation, vibrator, or cunnilingus. In some cases, women, or less … Read Article

About Frustration At Not Finding Girlfriend's G-Spot?
Free Lesbian Life Newsletter! Sign Up Many women have amazing orgasms by g-spot stimulation. Others have plenty of hearty orgasms and live sexually satisfied lives without ever locating … Read Article

About Orgasm Tips And Techniques – Extending And Expanding Orgasms
Orgasmic disorders are conditions where both men and women are either unable to have an orgasm, have orgasms that are not as strong as they once were Free Sexuality Newsletter! Sign Up … Read Article

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Word file … Document Retrieval
Masturbation is the most fun you can have by yourself. In the straitlaced '50s, the free-love '60s, the disco '70s, the • Talk about what you remember about your first period (for women) or wet dream (for men). • Discuss what you thought about masturbation, and … Fetch Full Source

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Please feel free to edit the article if it exceeds the maximum length. contains a 240 page manual for trainers and an accompanying workshop video of 15 five minute clips Most of the practices like abstinence, masturbation, oral sex or sex with condoms did not take into … View Full Source

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Feel free to add an item under "Other" if you don't see an activity in the lists. Leather Belt Riding Crop Quirt Bull Whip Cat-o-Nine Tails Clothes Pins Clothes Pins Zipper Clips Clamps Safer Sex Practices: (For each sexual activity, check all that apply) Masturbation: _____ No Masturbation … Content Retrieval

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You are free to edit, copy and redistribute this manual as long as you credit TechMission by admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn in a recent poll and 1 out of every 6 women Christian recovery site, which offers an online 60-day course for addicts of pornography, masturbation … Doc Retrieval

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As a result they developed a digital resource of 16 short clips that can be used as stimulus material This also provides a mechanism to free those involved in delivering care from traditional categories on their attitudes towards older women and to explore myths about sexual attractiveness about women in … Retrieve Document

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Wikipedia Cum Shot – Wikipedia, The free Encyclopedia
Women's activist Beatrice Faust stated "Since ejaculating into blank space is not much fun, ejaculating over a person who responds with enjoyment Masturbation; Mechanics of sex; Non-penetrative sex. Mammary intercourse; Facial … Read Article

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The slide shows the percentage of women and men born between 1935 and 1979 porno clips which they can then usually look at undisturbed, unchecked and free of charge. are sought for enjoyment of arousal and masturbation. … View Doc

Wikipedia Underwear Fetishism – Wikipedia, The free Encyclopedia
Pantyhose fetishism is a very common fetish involving women's pantyhose (known as “tights” in the UK). increasing amount of men have shared their fetish for pantyhose/tights with other male wearers, with online chat rooms and webcam to webcam masturbation … Read Article

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PowerPoint file Chapter 9 Sexuality As A Social Concept
Attitudes about the rightful role of women, men and children as well as the “normal analyses suggest that media audiences are most likely to learn that sex is consequence-free Experimental exposure to TV clips of sexual stereotypes resulted in college students giving … Read Full Source

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News THINK LIKE A MAN: Can You Turn A Ho Into A Housewife Or Husband?
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It was revealed that Bryant leaned the woman over a chair to have sex with her, which allegedly caused the bleeding. This was the sex act in question, as the accuser claims she told Bryant to stop but he would not, and Bryant claims he stopped after asking if he could ejaculate on her face. … Read Article

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About Female Ejaculation Without G-Spot Stimulation
How much fluid is released varies from woman to woman. Some women are unsure if they are really ejaculating or if they are urinating during sex, because at the moment of ejaculation it can feel like you need to urinate. … Read Article

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How To Masturbate for Men; How To Masturbate for Women; How to Find Your G-Spot; Woman on Top Sex Position; Homemade Sex Toys … Read Article

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About Older Mature Gay Men – Tips And Facts About Older/Mature Gay Men
Mature gay men often feel age discrimination within the gay community and fear aging alone. Find resources for and statistics on older gay men. … Read Article

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News AfterElton Briefs: Zach Wahls Talks To David Letterman, The NFL Draft On Grindr, And Confessions Of A Queer Bully
Birthday shoutouts go to hot nude-loving ally Eric Balfour (above), who is 34, Brian Paddick is 54, Shirley MacLaine is 78, and Barbra Streisand is 70. What are your fave Babs songs? … Read News

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About Lesbian Life: For Better Lesbian Sex, Relationships And Life
Lesbian Life is your place for answers on what you need to know about lesbian lifestyle. For lesbians, bisexual women, bi-curious, transgender women, lesbian teens and queers of all shapes and sizes, lesbian life offers you support and information about dating, marriage, politics, sex, lesbian … Read Article

Wikipedia Self-portrait – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Kon observes that this painting does not portray pleasure from the masturbation, but a feeling of solitude. Creations of Schiele are analyzed by other researchers in terms of sexuality, and particularly pedophilia. … Read Article

About Does Stress Cause Acne? – Stress And Your Skin
Acne is common in teens, but adult acne is on the rise. If you're dealing with blemishes again in your 20s, 30s, or beyond, and are wondering about the cause, this article explains the link between stress–also very common–and adult acne and general health, and provides resources for … Read Article

About Is Porn Sex Real
Pornography may be many things, but it isn't usually a very accurate depiction of sex. Learn how to spot the ways that porn fakes sex. … Read Article

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Of homosexuality in Muslims communities, the addiction to masturbation and por-nography among our youth, or the culture of sex, drugs and alcohol, these are things … Fetch Document

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As the report of having suffered child traumatic experience of sexual abuse; availability of sex information; presence or absence of sex fears; masturbation Perinatología (INPerIER), la prevalencia encontrada de disfunciones sexuales fue, en las mujeres, de 52%, y de 38.8% en los hombres, por lo que se … Read Document

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PDF file Child Pornography Possession Statutes
masturbation, sadomasochism, or sexual excitement. (f) "Masturbation" means the real or simulated touching, rubbing, or otherwise stimulating of a person's own clothed or unclothed genitals or pubic area, developing or … Doc Viewer

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Ho w ever, given that the y usuall y exclude masturbation to orgasmÑa po w erful ph ysical and psychic experience central to por no graphic experienceÑthe y ma y in fact under estimate … Content Retrieval

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Solitary sex, a cultural history of masturbation, New York, Zone Books, 2004, 501 pp., ISBN: 978-1-890951-33-7. Laqueur, inspirado por la agenda de Foucault, aborda en este libro la historia intelectual … Read Full Source

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PowerPoint file Slide 1
Tonight’s message… Pornography & Masturbation: The Taboo Topic 3 . But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for … Fetch Here

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Obtain sexual gratification, sexual intercourse or masturbation in the presence of a minor, pornography, Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México (Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico). … Retrieve Here

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Presence or absence of sex fears; masturbation during adolescence and absence or presence of conjugal problems. ha permitido una comprensión más profunda de este fenómeno, por demás complejo. … Retrieve Document

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A notice to all fickle shoppers and planner: Between our professional lives as creators of space and our personal lives as shoppers exists our contradictory moods towards consumerism and the consumer environments. … Content Retrieval

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What is the best new business in Santa Cruz County? Where do you find the best calamari? Which local mover and shaker captured your interest? The answers to all that—and much more—awaits. … Read News

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This is the third week of our Guest Blog weekend experiment, which we call #StorySatuday, in which we invite people to write something different fiction, science fiction, personal stories, poetry, or comic strips. We hope you like it. [More] … Read News

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A: Varicose (VAR-i-kos) veins are enlarged veins that can be blue, red, or flesh- About 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of men in the United The doctor puts a very small tube, called a catheter, into the vein. … Read More

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Real Estate Development & Property Management: A Distinction Without a Difference As mentioned above, the GLB Act continues to prohibit banks and their subsidiaries from making real estate investments or being involved in real estate development. … Fetch This Document

Wikipedia Catheter – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
He is also credited with the invention of the modern "disposable" plastic endotracheal tube now used routinely in surgery. Prior to his invention, red rubber tubes were used A typical modern intermittent catheter is made from polyurethane and comes in different lengths and sizes for men, women … Read Article

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Your breast, areola, or nipple may be scaly, red, or swollen. breast duct: A thin tube in the breast that carries milk from the breast lobules to the nipple. Symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, vaginal dryness, trouble … Access Full Source

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Huntington Beach Municipal Code Chapter 5.80 Page 1 of 8 Chapter 5.80 SHOPPING CART CONTAINMENT AND RETRIEVAL BY OWNERS (3759, 1/07) Sections: 5.80.010 Purpose. … Read More

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The film also uses startling footage shot by the brazen pimps themselves giving a rare glimpse into how the cycle of street life begins for many women. … Read Content

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About Sexuality – About Sexual Pleasure And Sexual Health
"The absence of the identification of the G-spot as an anatomic structure created considerable controversies and a biased interpretation of the scientific results worldwide, leading to a monolithic clitoral model of female sexual response. … Read Article

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PDF file HIV In Young People 13-24: A Brief Review Of The Literature
They also thought that AIDS could pass through the skin, so masturbation to orgasm was more dangerous than anal intercourse if semen landed on the HIV/STD prevention benefits of living in supportive families: A prospective analysis of high risk African-American female teens. … Retrieve Content

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PDF file Exploring Cultural Differences And Similarities
- In other groups and working class families the practice is much more common. – 55 % of African American children less than 1 year of age co-sleep with couple" (intimacy, sexual privacy) ideal of autonomy Moral goods for Oriyas (in order of importance) Incest avoidance Protection of the vulnerable Female … Read More

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PDF file MGF Dans Le Monde.05.10.07.Anglais
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Africa and Around the World ByMr. the chastity belt, a belt fitted with a lock intended to prevent sexual relations and masturbation. Page: 6/23 CMEN/MKA/05.10.07-See also Article 1 paragraph 3 and Article 21 of the African Charter … View This Document

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PowerPoint file Gerontology
Female Sierra Leone = 36 years; At birth, the average American male can expect to live to age Before age 80, African Americans are more at risk than Whites (heart disease) Masturbation; Of those over 70 years old, about 40% masturbate, on average once per week … Access Content

About Sex Information – Basic Information About Sexuality
Test your knowledge of all things sexual, and pick up some new trivia with these quizzes on sex toys, sex positions, orgasm, masturbation, oral sex, and more. … Read Article

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PDF file Prostate Massage Guide
African-American men tend to have higher normal PSA levels in general than men of other races. that a prostate massage is a great form of sexual pleasure and consider it to be the same sensations as the women claim they feel when their female G … Read Here

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PDF file Best Practices In STD Prevention
Health seminars for their adolescents, 30% of clergy excluded some sexual topics (i.e., anal sex, bisexuality, homosexuality, masturbation, oral sex). Fortenberry et al (2002) 251 participants aged 14 to 21 years (83% female; 83% African American) diagnosed with gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomonas, or non … Retrieve Here

Wikipedia Pregnancy – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The sperm must undergo capacitation in the female's reproductive tract over several hours, which increases its motility and destabilizes its membrane, preparing it for the acrosome reaction, the enzymatic penetration of the egg's tough membrane, the zona pellucida, which surrounds the oocyte. … Read Article

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Female Genital Mutilation. An Educational Resource For …
It is well documented that FGM was practised in Britain, Canada and the USA in the 18th century to prevent masturbation, cure However, it is clearly a 3 FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Some views of people from African communities “I cannot trust her if she is not circumcised” “Female circumcision … Access Document

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PDF file Female Genital
What is female genital mutilation? Female genital mutilation (FGM) is "the partial or total removal of the clitoris as an *accepted*technique*for*the* management of epilepsy, sterilization and masturbation. While religious justifications across Christian, *Jewish, *Muslim*and*certain* indigenous African … Read Full Source

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Everland Zoo, South Korea In which I catch a monkey masturbating. … View Video

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Pubic hair ETCH-A-SKETCH …playing with a woman's nipples FLIT …male homosexual FLYCATCHER …vagina FONDLING THE FIG …female masturbation FRENCHIFIED gonorrhea discharge (British) GOLDEN WINNEBAGOSbreasts GRINDSMAN …stud (Jamaican) GUBB …semen GUNCH …to fellate GWARRY …vagina (South African … Get Doc

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PDF file The Black Commentator – Revisiting King's 'White Moderate'
More interesting are the ways that Clinton treated his female African-American nominees to his government posts. 'In regard to masturbation, ' I told him, 'I think that is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught.'" … Read Full Source

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Word file CHAPTER 1
African American female characters in soap-operas are often imitations of Euro American characters, and are rarely seen with friends who are not Euro Over the 20 year time period topics such as masturbation, homosexuality, and oral sex increased in frequency. … Doc Retrieval

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PDF file Female Genital Mutilation. An Educational Resource For …
It is well documented that FGM was practised in Britain, Canada and the USA in the 18th century to prevent masturbation, cure However, it is clearly a 3 FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Some views of people from African communities "I cannot trust her ifshe is not circumcised" "Female circumcision in our … Document Retrieval